Our Mission

We believe in creating a world without homeless pets.

At Spay Neuter Charlotte, our mission is to help end preventable euthanasia in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. We do our part by providing high-quality, low-cost spay neuter and animal wellness services that all pet owners have access to services to care for their dog or cat.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to have a life enriched by a relationship with a dog or cat. Our goal is to make that happen for anyone who so desires.

What We Do

Spay Neuter Charlotte is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit high-quality low cost spay neuter and veterinary clinic with a dedicated, experienced and compassionate staff that has been specially trained to provide exceptional patient care.

We currently operate 3 clinics - the first opened in the NoDa neighborhood (2017 N Davidson Street) in 2011, the second clinic opened in Pineville (10833 Pineville Road) in 2013 and a third clinic in Lake Norman (325 Rolling Hill Road) will open in January 2017.

Our clinic follows the Humane Alliance Model and is a member of the National Spay/Neuter Response Team, which has been nationally recognized for the quality of its affiliate clinics. We use the highest standards of care, so you can trust us with the safety and comfort of your pet during his or her stay at our clinic.

To date we have fixed over 47,000 cats and dogs and provided wellness services to more than 14,000 patients.


What is Spay Neuter?

A spay is a surgery that removes the ovaries and uterus from a female animal. It prevents your female dog from going into heat and eliminates the possibility of ovarian and uterine infection and cancer and can also prevent mammary gland tumors.

A neuter is a surgery that removes the testicles from a male animal. It prevents testicular tumors in male dogs and can also reduce aggressiveness and roaming behaviors.

Fixing your pet will prevent an unwanted litter and research shows that it also is a significant long term health benefit for your dog or cat.